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                   Brooklyn Museum of Art
                   Pierpont Morgan Library
                   Arkansas Art Center
                   Museum of Oaxaca, Mexico
                   Werner Kramarski
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                   Mr. And Mrs. Herb Benningson
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“Responding to a Moment”, William H. Hays
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Selected Group Shows
Notable Collections
2005 Creation Grant for Painting, Vermont Arts Counsel
1982 Windham Arts Council Mini Grant, Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center, Brattleboro, VT
1981-82 Max Beckhman Painting Scholarship, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn NY
1981 Honorable Mention, Brockton Community Art Show and Competition, Brockton Art Center, Brockton, MASS
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1973-75 Interlochen Arts Academy
1977-78 Studied with Peter Grippe at Brandeis University
1981 Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with BFA in painting
1981-82 Studied at Brooklyn Museum with Max Beckmann Scholarship in painting

2005 Vermont Arts Council Painting Grant Exhibitions: (Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts)
                                   Catherine Dianich Gallery, Brattleboro, VT
                                    Amy's Bakery, Brattleboro, West Village Meeting House, West Brattleboro, VT
2004 “September 11th” prints, Michael Anchin Glass Gallery, New York, NY
2003 “September 11th” prints, Harvard Club, Brooklyn, NY
2001 “September 11th” series, Gibson-Aiken Center, Brattleboro, VT
1999 “Raft of Medusa”, Donahue/Sosinsky Gallery, New York, NY
1996 “Mountain Series”, William Hays Gallery, Brattleboro VT
1994 Photographs of East Village Installations and Outdoor Installation, Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT
1991 Visionary Gallery, New York, NY
1989 Museum of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
                                   Cultural Center of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
1988 “Paintings”, Mokotoff Gallery, New York, NY
1987 “Thoughtwork”, Works on Paper, Mokotoff Gallery, New York, NY
1986 “Paintings and Sculpture”, Mokotoff Gallery, New York, NY
1985 “Paintings and Sculpture”, Mokotoff Gallery, New York, NY
                                   Exhibition and Installation, Casa Nada Gallery, New York, NY
1984 Exhibition and Installation, LIFE Cafe New York, NY
1983 “Collage-Constructions”, LIFE Cafe New York, NY
1982 “Collage-Paintings”, Seventeenth Street Gallery, New York, NY
1981 “Paintings of Flowers”, Bank Building Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

2014-15 National Arts Club
2014 "East Village Alchemy" featuring Haring, Hiratsuka, Borofsky, Buggiani
                                                                           Dorian Grey Gallery, Manhattan, N.Y.
                                   Elena Ab Gallery
2012 "Of Line and Zen, Roots of East Village Street Art", (2-person show with Ken Hiratsuka)
                                                                           Dorien Grey Gallery, Manhattan, N.Y.
2009 "Emergence" Grand Opening of the Great Hall, Springfield, Vt.
2008 "Arbor Day", National Arts Club, Manhattan, N.Y.
                                   “East Village Retrospective”, Varga Gallery, Woodstock, NY
                                                         Group Exhibitions, West Branch Gallery, Stowe, VT.
2007 “Studio in the Street, Street in the Studio”, Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center
                                                          Brattleboro, Vt
2006 Group Show, Catherine Dianich Gallery, Brattleboro, Vt
2005 Vermont Arts Council Palette Project, Woodstock, VT
2002 “Artist's Portraits of Their Children”, Common Ground Restaurant, Brattleboro VT
1999 “Radiant Children: Art of the East Village”, Lamia Ink, New York NY
                                   “Land of One Thousand Galleries, Art from the East Village”, LIFE Cafe New York, NY
1995-98 “Group Show”, Fine Arts Gallery NIKE, New York, NY
1997 Stratton Arts Festival, Stratton, VT
1995 De Arte Magick, Easton, PA
1993 Greythorne Gallery, Scotsdale, AZ
1992 Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center Brattleboro, VT
                                   Gubala Gallery, New York, NY
                                   Visionary Gallery, New York, NY
1990 “Censorship”, Windham Art Gallery, Brattleboro, VT
                                   Pyramid Gallery, New York, NY
1989 Windham Art Gallery, Brattleboro, VT
                                  Bass Museum, Miami Beach, FLA
                                  “Bridge between Hispanic and American Art”, Federal building, New York, NY
                                  “Rainforest Benefit Show”, O.I.A., New York, NY
                                  “Seven from the Streets in their Studios”, Federal building, New York, NY
1988 “Tenochtitlan-Manhatten”, Mexico City, Mexico
                                  COLAB Group Show, Miami Beach, FLA
                                  “New York Painters”, La Casa del Lago, Chapultepec Park, Mexico City, Mexico
1987 “Rainforest Benefit Show”, Forty-Eight Laight Street, New York, NY
                                  Elaine Benson Gallery, “The New Generation”, curated by Werner Kramarsky, Bridgehampton, NY
                                  Karl Bornstein Gallery, Los Angeles, CAL
1986 “The Pyramid Show”, Mokotoff Gallery, New York, NY
                                  “Heads,” Mokotoff Gallery, New York, NY
                                  “33 Fresh Young Stars”, curated by Michael Carter, di Laurenti Gallery, New York, NY
                                  “Crack, The Whore of Babylon”, Nada Gallery, New York, NY
                                  “Rivington School Revisited”, The Underground, New York, NY
1985 “Contemporary Primitive”, ABC No Rio, New York, NY
                                  St. Marks Gallery, New York, NY
                                  “Micro Waves”, Now Gallery, New York, NY
                                  “Big Show”, Nico Smith Gallery, New York, NY
1984 “Street Art Documentation Show,” Avenue B Gallery, New York, NY
                                  “Micro-Show”, Now Gallery, New York, NY
                                  “Mask and Figure”, Works in Progress Performance space, New York, NY
1982 “Five Windham County Artist's”, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Brattleboro, VT (Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts)
                                  “Small works”, Grey Gallery, NYU, New York, NY
                                  Small Works”, B.A.C.A. Galleries, Brooklyn, NY
                                  “Full-Time Project Part 1”, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
                                  “East Village Artists”, Collegiate Church, New York, NY
                                  “Brockton Community Art Show and Competition”, Brockton Art Center, Brockton, MA
1982 “Ten Landscapes”, Woods Gerry Gallery, R.I.S.D., Providence, RI
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