Rafts Of The Medusa
The series entitled the "Rafts Of The Medusa" was first exhibited in New York at the Donahue-Sosinski Gallery at their Broadway location in 1999-2000.
The series includes four versions of the theme, sized 56 x 66 inches. One of these is in a private collection. There is also a larger version which was included in the original installation at "D.-S." That is 144 x 96 inches (12 x 8 ft.) in size. All are oil on canvas.

The painting, by Gericault, by the same title, which inspired the series, is in the collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris and is much larger in size.

Borofsky borrowed the image both to commemorate the advent of the new millenium, and the metaphoric "casting off" that he was embarking on in his search for a unique and personal painting style using only the means personally discovered in his own work, and without quoting visual references already familiar to a viewing public, as he had done in the past.

Although most of this series is still in the collection of the artist, the original slides are missing and until they are found or new photos are taken this page remains...
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